• Struggling to find fitness staff and Personal Trainers?
  • Are staff with the "right personality" hard to find?
  • Recruitment costs getting out of control?
  • Need Part Time and Full Time fitness leaders & PTs?

Our managed fitness education service GUARANTEES PROFIT where you used to suffer recruitment costs!!

  • Your Members know EXACTLY who should be working for your club!
  • Neighbours, friends, family members, workmates - some will even fancy the idea of a career change themselves!
  • With this scheme you can then select the best candidates ... and then get them qualified quickly while working for you.
  • Put them through our internationally recognised, and CIMSPA-approved Level 2 & level 3 PT qualifications!
  • The costs of the courses are built inside your monthly service fee regardless of the number of students you recruit and qualify.

We will give you everything you need to communicate the opportunity with your members.

Strut Cards

Landing Pages

Recruitment Pages

Students get access to a certified and nationally recognised online qualification course via your club registration online portal.

Here's how it works

  • The applicants study & are mentored online.
  • One of your in-house PTs can then assess them in the gym to ensure they meet your standards.
  • They can 'earn as they learn' by working for you as a Level 2 fitness instructor once qualified.
  • As they are working, they can continue on the course to qualify as a level 3 PT.
  • We can send the applicant’s certifications directly to yourselves, allowing for greater control over the retention of staff.
  • You employ them as you see fit. Part time or full time - you decide.

It's your chance to raise the bar and recruit quality fitness staff.

Pick from the best of a much bigger bunch. The friendliest, nicest, most enthusiastic and willing new recruits.

All while saving on large recruitment costs and the headache attached to endless interviews!

The students owe you a huge debt of thanks for giving them this opportunity.

Why? Because they pay NOTHING upfront to get their qualification from you.

How is this possible?

Our managed Fitness Education and recruitment programme works on a fixed contract 24- month agreement.

Clubs pay a monthly fee to cover the qualifying of all students, regardless of the number or which Level they achieve) *

Students can qualify at Level 2 first and then Level 3 P.T

Candidates believe you have subsidised the whole cost of qualification (c £2500 per person)

You can tailor your own repayment plan to suit you.

Make the scheme work profitably for you financially:

  • Students repay you in lieu of hours worked.
  • Or weeks served on an hourly rate as a Fitness Instructor
  • Or via income share on future P.T revenues
  • Or from agreed P.T Licence fees
  • Or from a Monthly repayment plan you arrange with the student

It's completely your choice!

The scheme should generate PROFIT rather than adding to your Club cost base.

It's a WIN - WIN all round.

  • You get calibre staff
  • The students pay nothing to get qualified
  • We give you all the promotional support you need to recruit well


We offer the programme to only one club in any single catchment area.

If the scheme fails to achieve what you hoped it would and you are inside the first 60 days of the scheme, we will terminate the agreement and repay you 100% of your fees.


Book a call via our Calendly link so we can get the scheme started before your competition wise up

Alternatively you can contact us on:


Phone: 07597 581816

Admin fee for Certification of £75 plus VAT per Level

Every other cost is covered with your monthly fee