Find out how to make your fitness club remarkable...

Gym Hacks


The daily 10 minute podcast giving you tips and tricks on how to make your fitness club remarkable and a magnet to over 45s.


The Fitness Industry Podcast

Touching on everything from client coaching and hypertrophy, to nutrient timing, leadership and business growth, The Fitness Industry Podcast features insightful conversations with global leaders in the fitness industry.

High Intensity Business Podcast

In this episode, James Steele discusses his paper ‘Long-term time-course of strength adaptation to minimal dose resistance training: Retrospective longitudinal growth modelling of a large cohort through training records’.

The Escape Your Limits Podcast

Each episode of Escape Your Limits reveals the mental, physical and emotional ingredients involved in standing out above everybody else. Discover why successful people keep going when most people stop, and what keeps them going, day after day.


The Fitness Business Podcast

Since 2015, the fitness business podcast has produced a weekly show to help fitness business owners, managers, career individuals and entrepreneurs lead, manage and run their businesses.

The Fitness Industry Podcast

The Fitness Entrepreneur Podcast will teach you how to generate more money, impact and freedom with your fitness business. The show covers a wide range of important business topics.